Choose the right professionals to secure the future of your SMSF.

Self Managed Super Funds operate in a highly regulated environment that’s subject to change.

With a team that always keeps up to date with current legislation, we posses a high level of technical expertise. Hall Browns will not only ensure administrative compliance of your fund but can also help you manage important decisions.

SMSF Services.

There are significant advantages in having a SMSF — greater choice over where your money is invested, flexibility within the fund to tailor your investments to meet your individual needs, transparency of both investments and fees, and the option to employ tax strategies to grow your funds. Having this level of control of your future is reassuring to many, but with this control comes certain responsibilities.

As a SMSF trustee, you need to manage your investment decisions and comply with a range of administrative obligations in a strictly regulated environment that will likely be subject to change over the life of the fund. Engaging the right professionals to help you navigate this complex and regulated environment is critical to the success of your SMSF.

Hall Browns has a dedicated SMSF specialist and keep abreast of regulatory and legislative changes to assist you in managing your SMSF.

We’re committed to helping you grow your investments.

Our specialist SMSF advisory services include:
  • SMSF Establishment and Administration
  • Annual Financial Statements, Income Tax Return Preparation and Audit Assistance
  • Assistance with rollover from other funds
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Advice
  • Borrowing and Reserving Strategies
  • Transition to Retirement Advice and Retirement Strategy Planning
  • Pension Establishment
  • SMSF Growth Strategies
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations
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