Providing children with the basics.

At Hall Browns, our mission is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor. We achieve this by being professional, ethical, proactive and getting real results for clients.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised solutions, and some clients need us to give just that little bit extra, which is why we are proud to offer pro bono assistance to the charity Enriching Lives Foundation.

Enriching Lives wants to make life better for young people in need, and to help them access opportunities, and thrive. It aims to increase the number of children who are engaging with education and are mentally healthy, believing that everyone has the right to learn, and to a pathway to a fulfilling and productive life.

The charity knows of many young people in Queensland and Northern New South Wales who ‘go without’ on a regular basis. Which is why this winter Hall Browns is doing its part to support them.

The Winter Tracksuit Appeal has the humble aim of providing each needy child with a winter school uniform, worth $130. The goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of this financial year, before conditions become colder.

Here are a few of the grim facts:

  • According to the Poverty in Australia 2020 report, over three million people in our country are living below the poverty line
  • Many families can’t afford to provide their children with breakfast, uniforms, shoes and stationery, to say nothing of technology devices and excursions
  • For children to have their basic school needs met each year they need $5,000 and it follows that those from lower socio-economic households, as well as  those facing other adversities, are often the ones to leave school without finishing.

Illness or death in a family, job loss and housing affordability, domestic violence and substance abuse are all circumstances outside the control of a child that have a crippling effect on their education.

Hall Browns wants to help Enriching Lives Foundation make a difference and reach that $10,000 goal for winter uniforms before the end of the financial year, and they would appreciate your support.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by 30 June to www.enrichinglives.org.au.

There’s also the opportunity to sponsor a student. Enriching Lives aims to increase the number of businesses and individuals who give back, by ensuring donations have a positive impact on the communities in which we live, and that funds go directly to students to improve their futures.

Information about the “Sponsor a Student Program” is also on their website.

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